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Matches consist of eleven alternating rounds of chess and boxing, with chess always featured in the opening round. Rounds of chess last four minutes, while rounds of boxing last three minutes. Between rounds, there is a one-minute break for resting and equipment change. Matches are won by: 1) checkmate 2) exceeding time limit in chess 3) forfeiture 4) knockout 5) technical knockout.


Chess Boxing is a sport that combines speed chess and boxing. A match typically consists of eleven alternating rounds between boxing and chess. The cycle is as follows: four minutes of chess, 1 minute break, 2 minutes of boxing, 1 minute break, etc. From the pages of a Dutch graphic novel, comes chess boxing - the unlikely combination of chess and boxing. Consisting of alternating rounds of chess and boxing, chess boxing requires participants to be highly skilled in both sports.


Chess boxing was created in 1992 by a Dutch cartoonist, who used it as a plot line in a graphic novel. In 2001, a Dutch artist decided to bring the sport to life as an art exhibition. The first world championship was held in 2003, organized by the newly formed World Chess Boxing Organization (WCBO). Today, chess boxing is growing more popular and gaining newfound recognition, as evidenced by the World Chess Federation's president recently playing a goodwill match.