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Rules vary based on the type of carom billiards being played, though most games incorporate the act of caroming into game play.


Carom Billiards (Carambole Billiards) is a game played on tables with no pockets. The object of most carom games is to score points (also known as counts) by caroming off both the object ball and the opponent's cue ball with a single shot. Carom billiards is a style of billiards characterized by the hitting of a cue ball into a red object ball, on a pocketless table. Many different games have since evolved from this template. These games include straight rail, balkline, cushion caroms and artistic billiards.


Carom billiards was first played in 18th century France, and soon after in England and North America. Many different games have since evolved using the same basic techniques and equipment. Today, carom billiards is one of the most popular styles of billiards followed and played across the globe.