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Games can be played on an indoor or outdoor rink. Ice should be dry and smooth, to allow for proper traction. Games are divided into two, eighteen-minute halves. Teams consist of a goaltender, and typically two defenders and three attackers. Checking or any sort of physical contact is not allowed. Penalties are called for icing, offsides and high broom, as they are in ice hockey.


Broomball is a team sport played in an indoor or outdoor ice rink. Using a rubber broom and wearing rubber-soled shoes, the two- twelve person teams try to outscore each other by hitting a ball into a net. Rules and strategy are similar to that of ice hockey. Broomball is a Canadian sport similar to ice hockey, where brooms replace sticks as the weapon of choice. Rather than waste time on fancy skates, players run around the ice in sneakers, trying to score more goals than the opponent. Due to the influence of ice hockey, broomball is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.


Common belief is that broomball was invented by trying to play ice hockey without skates. The first recorded games were played in Canada in 1909, with games being held in the United States a few years later. The game especially caught on in Minnesota, where numerous leagues were established. By the second half of the 20th century organized broomball was being played across the globe, in places like Australia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. These countries, plus the United States and Canada compete in the biannual World Broomball Championship, started in 1991.