Bicycle Helmet Padding


Any rules in bicycling are directly related to how and where the bicycle is being used. Most towns and cities require cyclists to obey the same traffic laws in place for automobiles.


Bicycling is the riding of a bicycle for transportation, sport, or recreation. Bicycling is an immensely popular activity, loved by people all around the world. Whether it be for work, fitness or pleasure, bicycling can be done in most any location or environment. Safety is a concern though, as cycling accidents aren't uncommon. Precautions such as wearing a helmet and padding should always be taken.


The first version of the bicycle, a wooden frame supported by two in-line wheels, pushed by its rider's feet, was introduced in Germany in 1818. In the 1860's the "ordinary bicycle" was designed, with pedals that cranked an enlarged front wheel. The design was further modified in the 1880's by shrinking the front tire and lowering the seat. This version is the first recognizably modern version, and has influenced most bicycles made since. In the 20th century, bicycles spread throughout the world due to their efficiency, reliability and maneuverability.