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Beer Cups Ping-Pong Ball Table


Games can be played between two players or two teams of two. Regulation table size is 8-feet by 2-feet, but usually any table will suffice. Any cups can be used, though 16 ounce plastic cups are the most common. Cups are filled 1/4 to 1/3 of the way with a light beer or pale lager, and then placed in any number of rack formations. These formations are based on the amount of cups in play. Games start with the first player or team throwing or bouncing the ball towards the opponent's rack. If the ball fails to land in a cup, the next player or team throws. If the ball does land in a cup, the contents is drunken by the opponent. The first player or team to remove all their opponent's cups is the winner.


Beer Pong is an individual or team game where players stand on opposite ends of a rectangular table and throw or bounce ping pong balls towards cups containing beer. When a player gets the ball in an opposing cup, the opposing player drinks the contents. Beer pong is a skill game played with the intention of getting intoxicated. Games consist of two players or teams throwing ping-pong balls at formations of cups. Once the ball lands in a cup, the opponent drinks the contents. The player or team that eliminates their opponents' cups first is the winner.


Beer pong was first played by students at Bucknell University in 1983. Visiting students from Lehigh University witnessed the game, and popularized it there. It gradually spread to other colleges and universities, and was embraced in particular by schools' Greek community. In the early 21st century the game grew rapidly across the United States, due in large part to internet word-of-mouth. Today beer pong is the most popular drinking game in the country, and is the subject of many local and national tournaments.