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Cue Cue Balls Object Balls Rack Six Pocket Billiard Table


Games are played on a six pocket billiard table, using either a full fifteen-ball rack or shortened nine-ball rack. Fouls occur when object balls are pocketed prior to being banked on one of the rails, or if object balls touch any other object ball after being contacted by the cue ball. If a player fouls, he/she owes the table a previously pocketed ball.


Bank Pool is usually played with nine balls, but can be played with a full rack (fifteen balls). The player able to bank five balls (eight balls if playing with a full rack) in any order first wins. Bank pool is a billiards game where all object balls must be banked before landing in a pocket. Games can be played with a full rack of 15 balls, or a shortened rack of 9 balls. The first player to pocket all his/her suit of object balls is the winner.


Billiards was first played in 15th century England, and has been a popular game throughout Europe and the United States ever since. Many styles and variations have been created using the same basic rules and equipment. Though played for years, bank pool became popular in the second half of the 20th century. In the 1990's a shortened version of the game, which uses nine balls, has become the international standard. The style, called "nine-ball banks," is now the style played on televised matches and international competition.