Ballet Shoes


As a primarily non-competitive activity, ballet carries few formalized rules. It does however carry several traditions and practices unique to the activity.


Ballet Dancing is a form of dance known for graceful, flowing and precise movements. Basic movements require pointing of the toes and turning-out of the legs. Ballet is a highly technical form of dance, originating in Italy. Major developments occurred afterwards in France, then later in Russia. Usually set to orchestral music, ballet is notable for graceful, choreographed movements such as pointes and turn-outs.


Ballet originated in 15th century Italy, as a dance interpretation of fencing. By the 17th century, ballet had spread to France where it became a staple in the court of Louis XIV. By the mid-19th century, ballet had spread to Denmark and Russia, where it was further refined. By the 20th century, ballet continued to develop and influence other forms of dance. Multiple styles such as contemporary ballet and post-structural ballet also developed.