Base Jumping


Ball Net Racquet


Play starts with a below the waist service to the opposite side of the court. The opposing player(s) must return the shuttlecock before it hits the ground. The first player(s) to reach 29 points wins the match. The player(s) who win best of three games, wins the match.


Ball Badminton is a racquet sport played with a yellow woolen ball. Players volley a ball over a net that divides a rectangular court. If the ball hits the ground or lands out of bounds, points are scored. The player(s) with the most points win.


The earliest forms of badminton were played in ancient Greece and Egypt, with variations of the sport continuously played until modern times. Ball badminton was first played by commoners in mid-19th century India, because of the high cost of shuttlecocks. It's popularity quickly spread throughout the subcontinent, on par with versions of the game played with shuttlecocks Today ball badminton is a fixture in the Indian sporting scene, with participation totaling in the millions.