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All races take place on a dirt circuit track. Races last for 20 minutes, plus one lap. Competitors are divided into classes based on engine size. Each competitor's ATV must be approved by race officials prior to competing. The competitor that finishes the race first is the winner.


ATV Motocross is a sport where participants race all terrain vehicles (ATVs) on earthen tracks. ATV motocross is the nail-biting competition of driving large all-terrain vehicles at high speeds, over hills and berms. This sport is a direct by-product of motocross performed on motorcycles. Rules vary based on race organizer, but a universal rule is a general inspection of the ATV being raced. Improving ATV's with aftermarket parts is a popular practice, resulting in a strict policing of the all additions made to factory ATV's. Races last for 20 minutes, plus one lap. The first competitor to finish the race is the winner.


Motocross began in England in the 1920's, with the off-road racing of motorcycles. By the 1950's the sport had grown popular in Europe, leading to the establishment of championship circuits and a governing body (International Motorcycling Federation). ATV's became popular pieces of farm equipment in Japan in the 1960's. By the 1970's ATV's had reached the United States. They soon caught on as recreational vehicles. By the 1980's ATV's were being improved with aftermarket parts, and then raced over rough terrain. In the 1990's a number of organizations were established for amateur and professional racing. Today, the sport remains a popular fixture in the world of motocross.