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An attempt begins by running down a smooth, narrow track. Competitors take three throws, with their best legal throw recorded. If the javelin's point touches the ground first, the throw is marked there. If the throw lands flat then the distance is measured from the back of the grip. If the tail lands first, the throw is not counted. At the end of competition the competitor with the longest legal throw is declared the winner.


Javelin is an individual sport where competitors throw a long, spear-like object. The competitor with the longest throw is the winner. Javelin is an ancient Greek sport inspired by the use of spears in hunting and warfare. It was a part of the ancient Olympic, and has been part of the modern Olympic Games since 1906. Attempts consist of competitors taking a running start, and then throwing the javelin forward. Throws are then measured and a winner is declared.


Javelin competitions were first held at the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. This tradition was revived at the modern Olympic Games in 1906. Since this time, international competition has been dominated by Scandinavian countries. Today javelin remains a popular international sport, with the highest level of competition occurring at the Olympic Games.